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1246 Neurodevelopmental Outcome of Triplets After in Vitro Fertilization or Natural Conception
  1. E Tsekoura,
  2. A Beli,
  3. B Boutopoulou,
  4. I Orfanidou
  1. 3rd Department of Paediatrics, Attikon Hospital, Athens, Greece


Background and Aims Triplets may have adverse neurodevelopmental outcome. Parents are advised to fetal reduction, and they often opt to reject it.

The Aim of our study is to present triplets’ neurodevelopmental outcome in our “follow-up” program.

Methods We review medical records of triplet pregnancies in our institution. All children were evaluated with Griffiths Mental Developmental Scales (GMDS-ER). Parents were asked to express their feelings about having a triplet delivery.

Results Twenty one triplets were indentified. Two pregnancies (6/21 triplets) (28.57%) were conceived after hormonal replacement and 5/7 pregnancies (15/21 triplets) (71.42%) after IVF. Mean maternal age was 33.85 years (range=30–44y). Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection was used in all IVF pregnancies. Mean number of cycles 1.8 (range=1–3). All but three were fresh embryo transfer. One IVF cycle was from donor oocyte. Mean GA at birth was 33 weeks (range=31–35wks). Mean BW was 1852gr (range=1540–2200gr). One IUGR neonate was excluded. Three neonates (14.28%) had mild RDS. Three neonates (from the same IVF pregnancy with donor oocyte) had mobile CP (14.28%). Cognitive tests were within the normal range in 17/21 triplets (80.95%). Two siblings, not from IVF pregnancy, were highly suspected for ASD and two triplets (one with CP) had mild developmental delay. All parents with IVF history were happy with their choice to continue with triplet pregnancy.

Conclusion In our population triplet pregnancy ended in moderate preterm delivery. Cognitive outcome was within the normal range in the majority of our population. Adverse neurodevelopmental outcome was not necessarily related to the mode of conception.

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