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1180 The Predictive Values of Mean Platelet Volume (MPV) in the Diagnosis of Neonatal Sepsis
  1. B Aydin,
  2. A Zenciroglu,
  3. D Dilli,
  4. S Erol,
  5. E Ozyazici,
  6. N Karadag,
  7. S Beken,
  8. N Okumus
  1. Neonatology, Dr Sami Ulus Maternity and Children’s Health and Diseases Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


Background and Aim Researches to identify markers with high sensitivity and specificity in the diagnosis of neonatal sepsis are being held in parallel to recent advances in neonatology. In this study, we aimed to determine predictive values of MPV in the diagnosis of neonatal sepsis.

Methods All infants diagnosed with clinical sepsis according to clinical and laboratory findings were included in this prospective study. Blood samples for hemoglobin, hematocrit, number of leukocyte, absolute neutrophyl count (ANC), number of platelet, MPV, CRP, blood culture were obtained from each patient within the first 24 hours of hospitalization. Patients who have positive culture results were accepted as proven sepsis. Patients were separated into three groups as proven sepsis (n=82) (Group-1), clinical sepsis (n=64) (Group-2) and control group (n=142) (Group-3).

Results Group-1 CRP levels were higher (p=0.001) and number of platelets were lower (p=0.001) compared with other two groups. Leukocyte, ANC and MPV values were significantly high in Group-1 and Group-2 compared with Group 3 and there was no difference between Group-1 and Group-2 (p=0.001). Negative correlation was observed between MPV and platelet levels (r= –0.24, p=0.001) whereas positive correlation was observed between MPV and CRP levels (r=0.26, p=0.001). It was noted that for CRP- Specificity 82%, sensitivity 92%, negative predictive value (NPV) 83%, positive predictive value (PPV) 91%, and for MPV- Specificity 54%, sensitivity 82%, NPV 63%, PPV 76%.

Conclusion High serum MPV levels in addition to CRP levels may be helpful in the diagnosis of newborns suspected to have sepsis.

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