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1103 New Possibility of the Use of Preparation of Lazolvan at Premature Infants
  1. MM Chuyko
  1. The National Medical University of the name of Danylo Halytskiy, Lviv, Ukraine


Introduction Ambroxol hydrochloride (drug Lazolvan) inherent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that may have an impact onreducing the frequency and severity of intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH).

Purpose Installing the clinical efficacy of intravenous slow (15 min)administration of the drug Lazolvan (single dose 7.5 mg twice a day from the first days of life for 7 days).

Methods In retrospective case-control study included 50 infants with gestational age less than 35 weeks. The main group (n=18) received Lazolvan, control group not received. Before the beginning of the study formed the group did not differ among themselves on basic clinical and demographic indicators. Statistically significant group differ among themselves RDS third degree by the core group of children – 27.8% vs 6.26%; p=0.03. Clinical efficacy of the drug Lazolvan determined in terms of relative risk (RR) of IVH an indicator of patient who need to treat (NNT).

Results The relative risk of IVH in the main group 2.7 times less compared with the control group. At 2.17 times more often in terms of relative risk of IVH second degree occurred in the control group children. The treatment of 6.25 premature infants prevents a case of IVH. Newborn core group of perhaps less treated in the intensive care unit, respectively (days) 12.88±3.07 vs 9.07±3.73; p=0.0003.

Conclusions The positive results from the use of Lazolvan in the complex treatmet of premature infants with risk of IVH prove its clinical effectiveness and extend its use.

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