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1057 Spectrum of Cranial Ultrasound Findings in Newborns Under 26 Weeks Gestation Over 10 Year Period in a Tertiary Neonatal Unit
  1. J Kapur1,
  2. G Cattell2,
  3. SV Rasiah1
  1. 1Department of Neonatology
  2. 2Department of Radiology, Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham, UK


Background and Aims Cranial ultrasonography is an integral part of routine neonatal screening in extreme preterm neonates. To audit the spectrum of cranial ultrasound scan findings in preterms less than 26+0 weeks gestation.

Methods We reviewed all cranial ultrasound findings performed in babies less than 26+0 weeks gestation between 1999–2008. Demographic data was collected using a proforma. Information regarding cranial ultrasound scans on day 1–4, day 7 and day 28 of life for live born babies admitted to the neonatal unit was collected.

Results The results are tabulated in the tables attached. Table 1 shows the demographic details and table 2 shows the spectrum of cranial ultrasound findings.

Abstract 1057 Table 1

Demographic details

Abstract 1057 Table 2

Spectrum of cranial ultrasound fi ndings

Conclusion Extremely preterm babies (23 and 24 weeks gestation) had a higher incidence of abnormal cranial ultrasound scans compared to those over 25+0 weeks gestation. This is associated with a high risk of morbidity and mortality. This information is important when counselling parents and for prognosticating outcomes.

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