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1018 The Use of Video Podcast in Paediatric Undergraduate Teaching. an Online Survey
  1. D Son
  1. Paediatrics, Queen Mary’s Hospital for Children, St Helier Hospital, Carshalton, UK


Background and Aims E-learning resources such as podcasts have become a commonly used tool in undergraduate medical education. We conducted a survey of medical students during their Paediatric attachments using an online questionnaire. We wanted to know what they think about having an e-learning resource in addition to more traditional learning methods.

Methods A total of 90 medical students were given the opportunity to revise teaching material in the format of a video podcast. The content of the podcast was identical to a previously attended live lecture. All students were contacted via email with a link to an online survey tool. The questions covered areas such as usefulness, user friendliness, advantages and disadvantages over more traditional learning and teaching methods.

Results The majority of the students found the video podcast helpful and easy to access. Some also commented that the video aspect compared to audio only podcasts enhanced the learning effect. Only a small number would prefer podcasts to completely replace traditional lectures.

Conclusions There clearly was a high acceptance of the video podcast, not necessarily as a replacement of traditional lectures, but as a useful tool for revison. It not only has a role in Paediatric but the whole spectrum of medical undergraduate education.

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