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891 Acute Pyelonephritis and Diagnostic Parameters
  1. VN Stavileci1,
  2. M Begolli1,
  3. A Keka2
  1. 1Nephrology, University Clinical Centre of Kosova, Pediatric Clinic
  2. 2University Clinical Centre of Kosova, Prishtina, Kosovo


Introduction Diagnosis and the right time management of Pyelonephritis are extremely important especially if we consider the risk of permanent kidney damage.

Objectives and research To analyze the clinical and laboratory signs and radiological presentation of the disease in children diagnosed with acute pyelonephritits during year 2010 in Pediatric clinic, Nephrology Unit.

Methods Among cases admitted to Nephrology Unit diagnosed as pyelonephritis acuta, during 2010, we analyzed presentation symptoms by age, inflammatory laboratory results, protein degradation products, urine and kidney ultrasound findings.

Results Among of 83 cases with urinary tract infections, 32.5% were diagnosed as pyelonephritis acuta. More frequent among male infants and preschool age and on female school age. 29.6% of the cases were male and 70.3% of the cases were female. Inflammatory parameters were high in 88.8% of cases and the value of above SE:100 mm/h was in 20.8% of cases. Dominated presentation symptoms were high temperature in 66.6%, abdominal pain in 29.6%, nausea 14.8%, burn during urination in 18.5%, frequent urination 11.1%, swelling 7.4%, back pain in the 7.4% of cases. Dominated urine casts were leukocytes, proteins were positive, while bacteria and erythrocytes were positive only to preschool age. Kidney ultrasound resulted normal in 18.5% of cases, 37% had pyelonephritic changes. While the sign of urinary stasis 40.7% of cases (up to the school age) and 11.1% (school age).

Conclusions In cases with high temperature should be planned examination of urine sediment and an ultrasound examination of abdominal organs, before we plan any other examination.

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