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869 Clinics Similarities and Differences of Acute Viral Infections Hepatitis A And E in Children in Montenegro
  1. D Terzic1,
  2. B Dupanovic1,
  3. B Andric1,
  4. J Djecevic1,
  5. Z Terzic2
  1. 1Clinic for Infectious Diseases
  2. 2Surgery Clinic, Clinic Center of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro


The Aim To compare the clinical caracteristics of hepatitis A virus (HAV) and hepatitis E virus (HEV) infections in children in Montenegro.

Patients and method: During the period 2000–2012, 400 children suffering acute viral hepatitis were examined on Infective Diseases Clinic, Clinical Center of Montenegro, Podgorica. Complete history, route of infection, an abdominal ultrasound and standard biochemical tests were done. During the research we used virus tests sensible to: HAV, HEV, HBV, HCV, EBV. Research sample is consisting from 27 examinees of both sex, different ages with clinical, laboratory and virology verification and description of acute hepatitis E viral infection and 27 examiness with acute hepatitis A infection.

Results Baseline characteristics were: 75% male, age 10±3. Examiness with infection HEV had most frequent symptoms loss appetite 70.8% and slackness (66.6%) while examiness with HAV infection had retch 70% and loss appetite 100%. Hepatomegaly, rice temperature were present at all examiness with hepatitis A, while examiness with acute hepatitis E had hepatomegaly at 66.6% cases and rice temperature at 45.8% race. Patients without symptoms was present in group with hepatitis E. (29%). Increase spleen was more freguent at patients with acute hepatitis A. Values alaninaminotransferasis was higer at patients with acute hepatitis A. Rice of all patients with acute hepatitis E had Glutamat dehidrogenasis (GGT) twice higer than refferent values.

Conclusion Hepatitis E has many similarities with hepatitis A: enterically transmitted self-limited infections. We had important different of symptoms, clinic image and laboratory analysis between this both of virus hepatitis.

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