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752 The Effect of Chemotherapy of Nephroblastoma a Treatment
  1. R Macastena-Maxhuni,
  2. V Grajqevci-Uka,
  3. B Abrashi,
  4. F Selimi
  1. Hemato-Oncology Department, Pediatric Clinic, University Clinical Centre of Kosovo, Prishtina, Kosovo


Introduction Nephrobllastoma is a kidney cancer which usually appears in children and rarely in adults.

Aim The aim of the paper was the presentation of Tu Wilms cases in the Department of Hemato-Oncology at December 2008 till March 2012.

Materials and Methods In the paper are included 17 cases, 7 males (41.17%) and 10 females (58.82%), that are present in our department. They are of different sexes and ages. Meanwhile, regarding to tumor lateralization, 11 cases have been on the right kidney or (64.70%), 5 cases or (29.41%) were located in the left kidney, and 1 case or (5.88%) was on both kidneys. The examination is done based on hystory, physical examination, laboratory analysis, radiologic (X-ray, ECHO of abdomen and CT of torax and abdomen) and biopsy.

Results The preoperative chemotherapy is applied into 12 cases (70.50%) and in 16 cases (94.11%) is applied the treatment of pre and postoperative. According to SIOP 2001 protocol, one of them was accompanied abroad after the treatment. During the preoperative treatment the tumors mass is reduced from 25%–35%.Two of these cases are in treatment for rellaps, one of them refused the operation after the preoperative treatment.

Conclusion Based on the data of this research, we conclude that the by diagnosing in the beginning of the stage, preoperative, a good surgical intervention and the postoperative treatment, has provided very good results and increases the longevity of these patients.

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