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698 Electrolytic and Acidobasic Disorders at Children with Severe Dehydration (Caused By Diarrhoea)
  1. M Azemi
  1. Peadiatric Clinic, Universitary Hospital Center, Prishtina, Kosovo


Introduction Electrolytic and acidobasic disorders that appear during the severe dehydration are frequent.

Purpose Presentation of electrolytic and acidobasic disorders among children with severe dehydration caused by acute diarrhoea.

Material The examined children were infants and preschool children hospitalized at the Intensive Care Unit during 2007.

Methods Based on clinical assessment and laboratory analysis.

Results During 2007 there were 657 children of different age groups hospitalized at the Intensive Care Unit. The highest number 462 (70.3%) of them were infants and the lowest number of them 195 (29.7%) were preschool age children. The highest number 196 (29.8%) were with the severe dehydration caused by acute diarrhea, 187 (27.7%) of children dehydrated due to the decompensate bronchopneumonia, whereas the lower number of children of 12 (1.8%) were with acute intracranial disease and other diseases. According to the types of dehydration, there were 100 (51%) of patients with isonatremic dehydration, 54 (27.5%) were with hyponatremic dehydration and 42 (21.42%) were with hypernatremic dehydration .The values of potassium were normokalemia at 85 (43.3%), with hypokalemia 80 (40.8%) and with hyperkalemia 31 (15.8%) of the patients. The lowest values of pH were 6.80, base excess was –30 mmol/L, urea up to 18 mmol/L. The rehydration was done based on the clinical assessment of dehydration grade and correction of electrolyte disorder, types of dehydration, correction of metabolic acidosis and antidiarroeal diet.

Conclusion Severe dehydration caused by acute diarrhea at our patients was accompanied with the severe electrolytic and acidobasic disorder and still represents the medical and social problem in Kosovo.

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