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661 Vitamin a and Iron as an Adjuvant Therapy in Addition of Gnrh Agonist in Precocious Puberty
  1. Z Karamizadeh1,
  2. H Mohammadi2
  1. 1Endocrinology
  2. 2Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran


Background To examine the effect of vitamin A and Iron supplementation on growth outcome of central precocious puberty (CPP) patients who receive GnRH agonist.

Method 36 female CPP patients were randomized in control (17 cases) and trial (19 cases) groups. Both groups received GnRH agonist and the trial group received iron (10m/day) and vitamin A 6000 U/week as well. The patients were revisited every 3 months, their weights, height, BMI were measured, and their bone age was determined in the beginning and end of the study. Statistical analysis was performed between groups and in each group.

Results The mean age of the patients was 106.7±10.57 vs. 102.7±13.7 months in trial and control groups. No statistical difference was observed in the base-line age, weight, height, BMI, bone age and predicted adult height (PAH). Height Z score (1.22±0.9 vs. 0.39±0.7, p value<0.01), and height velocity Z score (1.4±2.1 vs –0.36±1.9, p value<0.01) were significantly higher in the trial as compared to the control group at the end of the study. PAH-SDS had no significant changes in each group and between the two groups (trial: –0.29±0.9 vs. control: –0.95±1.1, p value >0.05). Height Velocity with age had a negative linear correlation and height Z score was positively related to the initial height and weight (p value < 0.05) in both groups.

Conclusion In CPP, adjuvant therapy with Vitamin A and iron in combination with GnRH agonist could be considered to improve height velocity.

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