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68 Psychological Symptoms of Adolescents with and Without Chronic Illnesses
  1. A Ergun1,
  2. S Topçu2,
  3. S Albayrak2,
  4. I Isik2
  1. 1Community Health Nursing Department, Marmara University, Faculty of Health Science, Division of Nursing
  2. 2Koc University, School of Nursing, Istanbul, Turkey


Background and aims The aim of this study was to compare psychological symptoms of adolescents with and without chronic illnesses.

Methods A total of 380 students (255 healthy and 85 with chronic illnesses) were recruited for the study. Data were gathered by using the general information form and the brief symptom inventory (BSI) for adolescent. Mann-Whitney-U test were used in analyzing the information.

Results Results demonstrated that adolescents with chronic illnesses had higher scores on somatization (p<0.001) and lower scores on hostility (p<0.05). Girls with chronic illnesses had lower scores on depression (p<0.01), negative self-perception (p<0.05) and hostility (p<0.01) than healthy girls. Both girls and boys with chronic illnesses had higher somatization scores than peers without chronic illnesses.

Conclusions This research suggests the importance of mental health screening for adolescents with chronic illnesses and the need for clinical and community-based interventions to target modifiable lifestyle factors that contribute to psychological distress.

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