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500 Dilatative Cardiomyopathy - Case Report
  1. MV Sofranac
  1. Paediatric, Danilovgrad Health Centre , Danilovgrad, Montenegro


Background and Aims Dilatative cardiomyopathy/DC/is a myocardium disease characterized by increased dimension of heart cavites and general weakening of the systolic function/the most frequently of the left ventricle/, with emersion ofsymptoms and signs of a cardiac insufficiency. Etiologically, there are family and genetic factors. Manifestations of the disease at infants are feeding problems, difficult and accelerated breathing and excessive sweating. Older children complain of fatigue, difficult breathing and hacking. It can olso be asymptomatic and discovered at occasional medical examination with an x-ray finding of cardiomegaly or electrocardiogram changes, or with an appearance of an unspecific symptom, as was he case here.

Methods Data analysis of the case history of the patient with DC. Anamnestic data, laboratory analysis and data through clinical diagnostic procedures of reference institutions are used as work methods. Purpose is to show the patient with a diagnosed DC with an initial unspecific symptom.

Results The work show a boy old 14 with dyspnea as the only symptom. Forth child of the fifth normal pregnancy/death of the two-month old sister caused by a heart condition of unknown etiology/. Slowed development as infant, frequent respiratory infections. A boy adipose, tachypneic, dyspneic. Sistolic murmur at apex. TA100/60mmHg, CP100/min, sO290%.X-ray:cardiomegaly. In competent institution diagnosis is confirmed.

Conclusions Initial clinical presentation of the disease at patients with DC can be characterized by unspecific respiratory disturbances, as was the case with this patient. Echocardiography remains a sovereign method in establishing the diagnosis. In the future, endomyocardial biopsy is expected to offer decisive data regarding the etiopathogenesis of this condition which would enable a timely causal medication therapy and avoid surgical therapy.

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