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493 Influence of Halotherapy on Oxidant-Antioxidant Processes in Children with Dermato-Respiratory Syndome at the Period of Exacerbation of Atopic Dermatitis
  1. N Snyetkova,
  2. F Kokten
  1. Crimea State Medical University, Simferopol, Ukraine


Methods 69 children aged from 2 to 15 years old with DRS. The group was made of 35 children with DRS, received traditional complex of medicinal measures with included halotherapy - treatment under the conditions of artificial microclimate of saline caves.

Results of investigation and conclusions The analysis of the data obtained allowed to reveal that children in the period of atopic dermatitis exacerbation manifest a considerable increase in the intensity of oxidant proceses on admission relatively-DK- 1,318±0,015, MDA-2,020±0,023, OMP/% of protein 55±0,121, OMP Units of optic density/1 gr protein - 0,526±0,025 OMP/1 ml serum - 3.30±0.41, MMP 1- 0,598±0,047, MMP 2–0,600±0,006 (p<0,005)and.decrease antioxidant proceses KAT- 16.21± 0.67 mkmol/ml, AABS- 0,321±0.83 mmol/ml. On discharge the indexes in both groups of children lowered, had reliability with control, only in group of children receiving halotherapy relatively DK - 0,878±0,015, OMP/% protein - 48±0,087, OMP Units of optic density/1 gr protein - 0,459±0,015, OMP/1 ml serum - 2.94±0.12, MMP 1- 0,250±0,015, MMP 2- 0,325±0,008; KAT- 36.57±0.37 mkmol/ml, AABS- 0,662±0.78 mmol/ml (p<0,005). Halotherapy possesses antioxidant action and we recommend to include it into the complex of treatment of children with dermato-respiratory syndome, in exacerbation of atopic dermatitis on the stage of in-patient department.

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