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457 Self-Assessment of Appearance and using of Slimming Supplements and Ergogenic Aids among Polish Students from Junior High Schools
  1. E Kolarzyk1,
  2. J Jośko2,
  3. J Kasperczyk2,
  4. A Ostachowska-Ga˛sior1
  1. 1Department of Hygiene and Dietetics, Jagiellonian University, Medical College, Krakow
  2. 2Department of Environmental Medicine and Epidemiology, Medical University of Silesia, Zabrze, Poland


Dynamic physical and psychological changes connected with adolescence are associated with focusing on appearance. The difference between the imagine figure and real appearance can become a source of frustration and dissatisfaction.

The aim Assessment of body weight acceptance and different actions aiming at appearance improvement among Polish students from junior high schools.

Methods The examinations included 986 students from junior high schools (551girls and 435 boys) at the mean age 13 years and BMI 19.28±2.85 (girls) and 19.90±4.51 (boys). An anonymous standardized questionnaire concerning nutritional behaviors was used.

Results Dissatisfaction with body mass and general appearance was declared by 31.4% boys and 40. 6% girls. The majority of these girls used different weight-loss diets (reduction, low-carbohydrate, protein, yoghurt and fruit diets) and nonconventional diets such dr Atkins’ and South Beach. Supplements which stimulate fat tissue burn, metabolic process and thermogenesis and such products as Alli, Bio CLA, Linea and Therm Line II were the most popular. The boys declared taking the ergogenic aids (vitamin and mineral preparations) and supplementation with protein or carbohydrate. The reduction of body mass was the goal for 8% of boys and they also decided to start a weight-loss diet.

Conclusions Low level of self-assessment and lack of appearance acceptance may lead to disturbances with physical and mental health.

In Poland dietary supplements and nutrients are sold without prescription even in filling stations and supermarkets and we afraid that young people will abuse them to create their figure according to their imagine.

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