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Ethnic diversity of childhood Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Europe
  1. D Basude1,
  2. BK Sandhu1,
  3. CI de Bei2,
  4. CH Spray1,
  5. JC Escher2
  1. 1Department of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Bristol Royal Children's Hospital, Bristol, UK
  2. 2Paediatric Gastroenterology, Erasmus MC Sophia Children's Hospital, Rotterdam, Netherlands


Background Epidemiological studies of childhood IBD may provide valuable information on risk factors and pathogenesis. There are differences in incidence, prevalence and disease characteristics within countries and in various ethnic groups.

Objective To compare the variations in pattern of presentation of IBD in children from various ethnic groups within a large well defined cohort.

Methodology Information was collected from the EUROKIDS registry, a prospective, web-based registry of newly diagnosed paediatric IBD patients (aged 0-18 years) in 17 European countries and Israel. All patient data was accessed from its inception May 2004 to April 2009.

The registry is maintained according to the instructions of the ethics committees.

Results (table 1)

Pearson Chi Square p=0.570

When compared to White Europeans patients, the following significant results were found:

  1. The mean age at diagnosis of IBD for Asian patients was lower (10.5 years versus 12.2 years, p<0.001).

  2. The mean BMI for age SDS (WHO growth standards) was lower in patients from Afro-Caribbean origin (−1.33 versus −0.56, p<0.045).

  3. Family history was negative in all Crohn's disease (CD) patients from Asian origin (0% versus 11%, p<0.014).

  4. CD patients from Afro-Caribbean origin appeared to have more frequent involvement of the jejunum and/or proximal ileum (67% versus 24%, p<0.002).

Conclusions This large prospective study of childhood IBD found no significant difference in the type of IBD within the ethnic groups. This differs from earlier studies (ref 1-2) and may be due to evolving disease pattern within a western environment. This study did find differences in CD patients from different ethnic groups in relation to age at diagnosis, BMI for age, presence of family history and involvement of jejunum and proximal ileum.

The study is presented on behalf of the EUROKIDS Porto IBD Working Group of ESPGHAN.

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