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Efficacy and tolerability of the use gabapentin for migraine prophylaxis in children
  1. SK Rajdev,
  2. E Wassmer,
  3. S Agrawal,
  4. M Smith,
  5. SG Philip,
  6. R Gupta
  1. Paediatric Neurology, Birmingham Children's Hospital, Birmingham, UK


Aims To study the efficacy and tolerability of the use Gabapentin for Migraine prophylaxis in children

Methods It is a retrospective study looking at the case records of patients seen at a tertiary Paediatric Neurology Unit in whom Gabapentin was used for migraine prophylaxis.

Results There were 12 children with a mean age of 13 Years and 5 months (Age range from 9 Years 6 months to 16 years and 5 months) in whom Gabapentin was used for prophylaxis of migraine symptms. In 3 out 12 it was the first drug tried for migraine prophylaxis and was successful in decreasing the frequency and severity of headache in 2 of these children. It was discontinued in 1 child due to the side-effect of nausea.

In 9 out 12 Gabapentin was used only after one or more drugs used for migraine prophylaxis like Pizotifen, Propranolol, Topiramate, Amitriptyline or Sodium Valproate had been tried earlier. The agents which had been tried earlier were withdrawn either because of poor response to treatment or because of side effects. In 5 of these children Gabapentin had been helping in decreasing the severity and frequency of headaches. There were 4 children where Gabapentin had not proven to be effective and in all of them no other drug used for migraine prophylaxis was successful; non pharmacological measures were successful in resolving the headache symptoms in 2 of these children.

Conclusion Gabapentin is an effective agent for Migraine Prophylaxis in children. Side effects were infrequent and noted in only 1 out 12 children.

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