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  1. R Mark Beattie, Editor-in-Chief

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Risk factors for childhood overweight identifiable during infancy

It is well known that overweight or obesity during childhood increase the risk of obesity in adults with long term implications for health. In this issue risk factors for childhood obesity identifiable during infancy are explored by a systematic review of the literature. Thirty studies were identified which fulfilled the criteria for inclusion and identified several factors—early rapid weight gain, high birth weight, maternal pre-pregnancy overweight and maternal smoking in pregnancy. Breast feeding and delayed introduction of solids were protective. No evidence was found for maternal age or education, maternal depression or infant ethnicity. Results on socioeconomic status were conflicting. These are important observations with the potential to impact; particularly relevant for paediatricians is the promotion of breast feeding and the avoidance of early rapid weight gain or at least the awareness that this will increase the risk of obesity longer term. See page 1019.

Cardiac disease in infants who present with apparent life threatening events

Apparent life threatening events (ALTE) are common and cause significant anxiety for the parent and clinician being characterised by some combination of apnoea, colour change, change in muscle tone, choking and …

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