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A randomised maternal evaluation of epinephrine auto-injection devices
  1. J D M Brown,
  2. E Spear,
  3. M Alfaham,
  4. D Tuthill
  1. Children's Hospital for Wales, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK


Introduction Prompt administration of epinephrine can help to improve the outcome from anaphylaxis. The easier and quicker a device can be used, the more likely it is to be efficacious. Two auto-injection devices exist, EpiPen and Anapen, differing in their user's administration method. Both are available in different doses for administration at different ages.

Aim To evaluate which device mothers find easier to use.

Methods 10 criteria for the correct usage of epinephrine auto-injectors were taken from the contemporaneous company datasheets (May 2010), combined with the additional information in our local parent information sheet on anaphylaxis treatment. Ten marks were therefore available; six were for identical procedures (eg, phone ambulance) and four were device specific (eg, press device on thigh – Anapen versus swing and jab firmly into outer thigh – EpiPen). Mothers with no epinephrine auto-injector experience were approached in the general children's OPD/wards to participate in this device evaluation. A computer generated random numbers sequence allocated mothers to one specific device for demonstration and immediate evaluation by one trained observer using device specific trainer pens (JB).

Abstract G94(P) Table 1

Mothers' score in procedures; mean (SD)

Abstract G94(P) Table 2

Proportion of mothers performing all procedures correctly

Results 100 mothers participated; 50 EpiPen, 50 Anapen.

χ2 Analysis showed a significantly higher proportion of mothers correctly performing the Anapen specific procedures (OR=14.24, p≤0.0001).

Conclusion Mothers found the Anapen device significantly easier to use; this may have important clinical advantages.

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