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Audit of adherence to regional guidelines on audiological assessments for children with a cleft palate
  1. G E Painter
  1. Paediatric Audiology Department, NHS Manchester, Manchester, UK


Aim To establish how well audiology departments are keeping to the established guidelines on audiological assessments of children with a cleft palate.

Method Standards were set from the guidelines that had been established regionally on the timing of reviews of hearing assessments for children with a cleft palate. Data was collected on children born with a cleft palate who were aged between 3 and 10 years in August 2009 (birth cohort 1 August 1999–1 August 2006).

Results The data from 153 children were included in the analysis. Only 76% were offered two appointments for behavioural hearing assessment between the ages of 6 and 9 months and 59% of these attended both. 80% were offered an assessment within 3 months of the palate repair and 65% of these attended. 59% of 3 year olds had been offered at least four appointments since their palate repair and of these 31% attended. 91% of 5 year olds had been offered at least 6 monthly review appointments and 77% of these had attended the appointments offered. 91% of 10 year olds had been offered an annual review over the previous 5 years and 76% of these attended all their appointments.

Conclusions Audiology services are not fully following the guidelines for audiological assessments for cleft palate children, particularly in the younger age groups. Where appointments are sent out, the attendance is lower than expected.

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