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Ears and airways in children with down's syndrome
  1. P Sheehan
  1. Paediatric Otolaryngology, Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Manchester, UK


Keynote speaker at BAPA special interest session at RCPCH annual conference.

Down's syndrome is the most common human chromosomal defect encountered in paediatrics. It occurs in one in 600 to 800 live births.

Hearing deficient, ear pathology, nasal pathology and upper airway problems are all common features of the condition and are often more severe than in typically developing children. ENT related problems account for the greatest number of attendance to general practitioners and professionals participating in the healthcare of people with Down's syndrome. The hearing deficient in particular leads to poor speech and language development and underachievement in the educational potential of these individual. In this lecture I shall report on incidence, management and guidelines for ENT related conditions in children with Down's syndrome. Also give an insight into audiological experience at the ENT and hearing clinic for children with Down's syndrome in Manchester.

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