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Can paediatricians engage in local GP learning events effectively? A successful model based on ‘reflective feedback’
  1. V Ganesan
  1. Consultant Paediatrician, City and Sandwell Hospitals, Birmingham, UK


Aims Many Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) organise regular Protected Learning Time (PLT) events for doctors and nurses in primary care. Hospital consultants are often invited to contribute to these sessions. This abstract describes a model of proactive engagement by a paediatrician that resulted in a series of workshops facilitated regularly over a 2 year period which received consistently good ‘reflective feedback’.

Methods Our local teaching PCT has been organising PLT events once in 2 months over the last few years. During these afternoon sessions each delegate can choose to attend two out of eight workshops. PLT organisers request for specific topics to be covered in these workshops based on popular demand (learner driven). The speaker could decide on the structure and content of the workshops. Feedback is requested on many aspects by PLT organisers and circulated after collation. In addition the author created and used another feedback sheet to explore three specific areas (elaborated in the results section). Scoring used ranged from 10 (strongly agree) to 1 (strongly disagree).

Results The author had the opportunity to organise six paediatric workshops at 4-monthly intervals over a 2-year period from May 2008. During each 60-min session 3–4 relevant case scenarios were used to facilitate small group work and further discussion to progress towards key learning points. Feedback gathered by the PLT organisers ranked each of these paediatric workshops consistently in the top three among the eight workshops run on that day. Focused feedback requested by the author had a response rate of 94.4% (n=397 from 12 sessions). A mean of 95.3% respondents felt that these sessions had improved their understanding of concepts discussed; 88.2% felt that these sessions stimulated them to explore more about these concepts and 92.3% felt that these sessions will positively impact their clinical practice.

Conclusions This kind of focused feedback is likely to facilitate some reflection by the participants and such consistently positive response on all aspects is reassuring enough to consider the paediatrician's engagement in these PCT PLT events effective.

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