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Abraham D, A52

Abrahamson E, A87

Adalat S, A5

Adamson EA, A67

Agadoorappa P, A35

Agha Z, A32

Agrawal S, A31

Ahmad UN, A73

Ahmed SA, A72

Ahmed Z, A74

Ahsan S, A73

Akobeng A, A12, A16, A21

Al-Aghbari N, A19

Alcock A, A14

Aldiss S, A83

Alexander E, A51

Alfaham M, A49

Anand I, A31

Anderson A, A80

Anderson PJ, A71

Andrews N, A5

Anjay MA, A44

Appleton R, A57

Appleton RE, A1

Apps JR, A58

Arasu A, A72

Ardle BM, A33

Arian Z, A15

Armon K, A60

Arya VB, A50

Ashmore S, A99

Ashok D, A66

Aslam SI, A77

Atef Z, A19

Atkins B, A92

Atkinson P, A9

Atkinson RE, A54

Aw TC, A35

Ayyash HF, A26

Azaz A, A66

Baba M, A78

Bailey S, A93

Baird HS, A80

Baker J, A60

Baker P, A22

Balogun S, A56

Bandi S, A50, A54

Banerjee I, A29

Banerjee S, A26, A97

Barber T, A90

Barclay AR, A24

Barnacle A, A68

Barnes J, A59

Barry W, A16

Basheer N, A13

Bassi Z, A42

Bates MGD, A38

Battersby AJ, A49

Baur LA, A63

Beattie RM, A24

Beckett VL, A7

Bedford H, A7

Begent J, A94

Belderson P, A93

Belsky J, A59

Beresford MW, A69

Beringer A, A80

Bevan C, A86

Bezerra P, A14

Biassoni L, A71

Bimpeh Y, A6

Bisht V, A59

Bisset WM, A13

Blackwell N, A79

Blair J, A29

Blair M, A1, A11

Blencowe HJ, A74

Blewitt S, A64

Bockenhauer D, A68

Bonser J, A60

Bowen J, A28

Bowron R, A56

Boyd C, A56

Boylan G, A39

Boyles C, A89

Brabin BJ, A19

Braddon F, A69

Bradnam MS, A34

Brady M, A14

Brandon M, A93, A94

Breathnach A, A45

Bredow M, A99

Brind J, A12

Britto M, A14

Brockelbank R, A97

Brocklebank RL, A7 …

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