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Propranolol for infantile haemangiomas: a review
  1. E Starkey,
  2. H Shahidullah
  1. Derbyshire Children's Hospital, Derby, UK
  1. Correspondence to E Starkey, Derbyshire Children's Hospital, Uttoxeter Road, Derby DE22 3NE, UK; elizabeth.starkey{at}


Infantile haemangiomas are the most common benign tumour of infancy. However the majority are self-resolving and only a small minority of cases require treatment, with various different medications being used in the past. Over the last few years, propranolol, a non-selective β-blocker, has become a popular and successful treatment for infantile haemangiomas. However, further research on its safety is needed if it is going to be used more frequently. This article summarises the current literature on propranolol for haemangioma treatment with emphasis on its toxicity and adverse event profile.

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