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Confidentiality, consent and privacy: a challenge even in a specialist young person unit
  1. B White1,2,
  2. K Tuschl2,
  3. J Walker2,
  4. T Segal2,
  5. RM Viner1,2
  1. 1General and Adolescent Paediatrics Unit, UCL Institute of Child Health, London, UK
  2. 2General and Adolescent Paediatrics, University College London Hospital, London, UK


Background Confidentiality, consent and an age-appropriate environment are important in a young people's unit and are the cornerstones of major health policy documents such as the National Service Framework1 and You're Welcome2.

Methods Two written questionnaires on a broad range of issues were completed by 49 young people (n=24 comparing to NSF standards, n=25 comparing to You're Welcome Criteria) on a general adolescent ward in a teaching hospital providing secondary, tertiary and quaternary medical and surgical services.

Results If not offered the chance a consultation alone, would you have liked the chance to see a doctor alone: Yes 47%, No 53% (n=15).

Conclusion Overall patient satisfaction ratings of 92% demonstrate excellent general care of young people who reported the ward to be young person friendly. Despite positive general feedback, improvements in explanation of confidentiality, consent and privacy are needed. Patients on our adolescent unit are under the care of multiple medical and surgical teams, both adult and paediatric. Rapid turnover of doctors and teams without adolescent-specific training add further challenges in providing an appropriate service. Training is essential to provide doctors with the skills, knowledge and understanding to engage with young people and ensure that they feel they are listened to, in a safe and private environment.

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Abstract G128 Table 2

Patient satisfaction
How satisfied are you with your experience on adolescent ward (Visual analogue scale (0–100)): Mean score 92%, SD 11%.
Is the ward young person friendly: Yes 100% (n=25)

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