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Edwards K L, Cade J, Ransley JK, et al. (Arch Dis Child 2010;95:94–99). A cross section study examining the pattern of childhood obesity in Leeds: affluence is not protective. The authors have noticed that the acknowledgements statement omits some detail regarding some important contributors to their work, specifically in relation to the RADs team of collaborators who shared their data. The authors would like to thank the Leeds Primary Care Trusts and the ‘Trends’ project team for their collaboration and for facilitating access to their height and weight data of children. The authors would also like to acknowledge the contributions from Carnegie Weight Management, Education Leeds, Leeds City Council and Leeds Metropolitan University in providing the data from the Rugby & Athletics Development Scheme (RADS). The 2001 Census statistics and boundary data are Crown Copyright produced by ONS, licensed for academic use by ESRC and JISC Census Programme. KLE was funded by the ESRC and MRC.

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