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Book review
Concise paediatrics
  1. D James
  1. Mayday University Hospital, Croydon, UK; davidrjames{at}

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Edited by Rachel Sidwell, Mike Thomson. Published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2000 £45 (soft cover) 978-1-85315-836-0

The first edition of Concise paediatrics was published in 2000. This trusty workhorse of a textbook has proved extremely popular with junior doctors, particularly those undertaking MRCPCH. It did not, however, have the most user friendly style, being devoid of any colour beyond the front cover and a little short on pictures and diagrams.

I was excited to receive the newly published second edition of this book as I hoped that these issues would be ironed out. However upon opening it, I was a somewhat disappointed. Behind the glossy new cover there is still no colour and whilst the typeface and …

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