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  1. A Bajraktarevic1,
  2. S Trninic1,
  3. Z Jatic2,
  4. E Bajraktarevic-Mahmutovic3,
  5. E Mahmutovic4,
  6. E Pasic5,
  7. L Sporisevic6
  1. 1Public Health Institution of Canton Sarajevo, Health Center, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  2. 2Medical Faculty, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  3. 3Bosnia Reinsurance Company, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  4. 4Faculty of Economy and Management University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  5. 5Department for Management in Health, University Sarajevo Institute for Psychology, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  6. 6First Medical Aid, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina


Objective Every day we witness negative influences destroying the human environment on human health, especially on children as the most vulnarable. Children’s age of life and children have special characteristics and it is very important for every personal life, family life and all human communities.

Methods Investing money in ecologics preventive programmes for protecting healthy water, clear air, earth and healthy food bring excellent economics and health results in every country and political system, which had a direct effect on the health of children.

Results Immunisation programmes, programmes of vaccination, except health benefits have large economic profits because of the decreasing using of medicaments, restriction of the number of hospitalisations, number of patient-days for children. Programmes for the prohibition and restriction of smoking, using opiates and alcohol, bring large benefits for every child, family and human community.

Discussion Restricting poverty, social healthcare of all children, especially orphans without parents is the task of every government. A special place is taken by programmes of prevention and curing infections in children, children’s cancers, chronic diseases and similiar.

Conclusion The optimal treatment of mild and severe diseases of children can give less paying and better curing that it is task discipline of health economy, pharmaco-economy, that it is the most rational as it is used at the beginning of human life. Money, economics effects, costs and economics benefits are together every health praxis and paediatrics too, but the health economy has a very important role for improving the health of children.

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