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  1. M Petrovič1,
  2. M Koren1,
  3. Z Janičijevič1
  1. 1Clinical Department for Children Surgery and Intensive Care, University Clinical Centre Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Introduction For the treatment of children in paediatric intensive care units (PICU) the quality indexes ensuring safe work should be defined. The evaluation of quality includes: the evaluation of knowledge, the expertise of equipment and the real work that was done.

Purpose The evaluation of quality and the assurance of the safety of patients.

Methods The method of observation was used during the research. The indexes used for the evaluation of the quality of work were divided into two categories: the first category was the usage of the apparatus and equipment; the second category was the activities done with patients. In the year 2006, children were accepted at the PICU of our department. 42 children were included in our investigation from those who were in the PICU from January to March 2006. The observed children were intubated and connected to a respirator. The invasive monitoring was going on, they had central vein catheters through which the liquids and medicines were supplied. They were nourished by the help of gastric tubes.

Results In the first category of observed indexes the results showed that 98% of monitors and respirators had correctly activated alarm systems and that they work correctly. The usage of infusion pumps was 100% correct. At the patient activity observation the results showed that the protocol for nutrition was going on at 73%, in 65% the nurse programme for the prevention of pressure ulcers was well done and the right usage of infection prevention instrument was considered by nurses in 88%.

Conclusion The evaluation of quality criteria showed that it is good to have protocols that ensure the quality in nursing care.

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