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  1. A Amdam1,
  2. L Korsvold1,
  3. B S Tandberg1
  1. 1Nursing Profession Center, Division of Paediatrics, Rikshospitalet University Hospital, Oslo, Norway


Background The division of paediatrics has 101 beds. It has 4000 admissions, 1600 day patients and 10 000 outpatient consultations a year and conducts highly specialised medical treatment and nursing care. There was a need to develop a coordinated organisational model for the nurses with educational, research and development responsibilities.

Aim The aim of the organisational model is to ensure knowledge-based practice, development of nursing knowledge, nursing science and education. The model synthesises these activities in an efficient way and ensures cooperation between units within the division.

Methods A new model of organising the nursing services was constructed. A nursing profession centre and a council of nurses, lead by the nurse director in line management to the head of the division, was established. Nurses with educational, research and developmental responsibilities are now employed by the centre. They are responsible for continuous follow-up and education of nurses. In addition, they conduct knowledge development and nursing science projects. The council consists of the employees of the nurse profession centre together with the leading nurses of the division. Here, professional and administrative subjects are discussed.

Results The nurse profession centre has organised an educational programme for new employees. They have a leading position in the coordination and development of electronic nursing standards. In 2008, three nursing research projects and several nursing development projects were conducted. Themes for the research project are: living with central venous lines, breastfeeding in infants with congenital heart disease and how children with chronic illness cope with physical activity.

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