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  1. L Pop1,
  2. I Popa1,
  3. I M Ciuca1,
  4. Z Popa2,
  5. L Tamas3
  1. 1Pediatrics II Department, University of Medicine and Pharmacy V. Babes, Timisoara, Romania
  2. 2National CF Centre, Clinical County Hospital, Timisoara, Romania
  3. 3Biochemistry Department, University of Medicine and Pharmacy V. Babes, Timisoara, Romania


The prevalence of celiac disease is significantly higher among children with cystic fibrosis (CF) than in general population. Objective of study was to retrospectively analyze the prevalence of celiac disease in our CF patients.

Methods Twenty three children with cystic fibrosis followed up in our centre, newly diagnosed with CF in previous 3 years, were evaluated. Inclusion in the study was determined by persistence of steathoreea and/or failure to thrive, despite correct enzyme supplement. Clinical data were obtained from center’s records. Serology for IgA-anti was done in all patients. Biopsy was performed in some of them.

Results Six patients (4 boys and 2 girls) were diagnosed with celiac disease, representing 26%. History for steatorheea accentuated was present in 2. Four children underwent biopsy with Watson device-flattened villosities with cuboid cells, infiltration of lymphocytes, plasmocytes and glandular hyperplasia.

Conclusions Frequency of celiac disease is higher among cystic fibrosis children. Correlation of celiac disease with CF could be hiding if symptoms are not typical. Any CF case with increase enzyme necessity should be evaluated for celiac disease.

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