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  1. F Villegas-Alvarez1,2,
  2. M A Jimenez-Bravo2,
  3. B Perez-Guille2,
  4. J F Gonzalez-Zamora2,
  5. J Cravioto-Munoz1,2
  1. 1National University Autonomous of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
  2. 2National Pediatric Institute, Mexico City, Mexico


Objectives Were evaluated two conditions that occur simultaneously after a distal segmental intestinal transplantation, from living adult donor to young recipient post ablactating rats.

Methods Young Lewis rats were subjected to lethal enteric resection followed by syngenic distal intestinal transplantation of 30% of terminal ileum including cecum from an equal number of adult rat donors. One additional group of rats were subjected to enteric resection of 30% of terminal ileum including cecum, and two other groups non-operated young and adult rats, were used as controls. Six months later morbidity and mortality as well as several analytes, and the height and depth of villicrypate in the survivors, were measured.

Results One transplanted young rat died 31 days lather due to post-obstructed intestinal adhesions. Weight gain in survivor recipients was less than in young control rats (p<0.001). Several serum analytes were lower too in the transplanted group (p<0.05). No mortality was observed in the resected adult rats nether differences in weight at the end of the experiment. However, there were low serum albumin levels and some altered red blood cells parameters in this group.

Conclusions Segmental distal transplantation modifies the lethal prognosis of very young subjects with very short bowel; nevertheless, they did not follow up the same curve of body weight growth an the analytes shown significative differences than the control group, and older rats post-partial distal resection did not modify their ponderal parameters but suffered some red blood alterations and low albumin serum levels.

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