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  1. P Shcherbakov1,
  2. M Lokhmatov2,
  3. A Shavrov2
  1. 1Central Institute of Gastroenterology of Moscow, Moscow, Russia,
  2. 2Scientific Center of Children Health, Moscow, Russia


Introduction Double-balloon endoscopy is a new, high-performance examination method, which allows both examining of whole gastrointestinal tract and performing endoscopic manipulations.

Aim To define possibility of the use of the double-balloon endoscopy in children.

Materials and Methods We have examined 27 children from 8 to 16 years old (mean age 9.6 years old). Double-balloon examinations have been done in X-ray room. All examinations have been done under general anesthesia. Time of examinations takes from 1,5 hour to 40 minutes. We have observed more than five hundred centimeters (500.0 cm) of small intestine in each of examined patients. Whole gastrointestinal tract were examined in patients underwent the combination of both anterograde and retrograde approach. Polyps of 0.2–0.6 in diameter have been found in the deep portions of the small intestine of the patients with Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome. Few big pedunculated polyps with thin stalk have been found in one of female patients. Erythematous jejunopathy in combination with erosive lesion has been found in three patients with Crohn disease. Erosive lesions have been located in 1–2 pcs per each of 10 cm of the small intestine. These lesions were round-shaped, with fibrinous base and hyperemic background. During examinations of the patients with Crohn disease have been revealed grey, oval-shaped, 6–10 mm in diameter retractions of the colonic mucosa, which were mainly located in the caecum, sigmoid and ascending colon.

Conclusion Double-balloon enteroscopy is a safe and accurate diagnostic and treatment method, which allow examining whole gastrointestinal tract in children older than 8 years.

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