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  1. A Perrotti1,
  2. C Terenzi1,
  3. S Papa1,
  4. G Sementilli1,
  5. G Farello1,
  6. L Fabiani1
  1. 1Dipartimento Di Medicina Interna E Sanità Pubblica, Università Dell’Aquila, L’Aquila, Italy


Sense Wear ArmBand (SWA) is a multisensor system used to estimate energy expenditure and physical activity.

Objective To monitor daily physical activity level and intensity and to asses the relationship with anthropometrics variables.

Methods 74 subjects (45 females and 29 males) (mean±SD, age 8,61±1,55) were monitored for 3 days. Daily Energy Expenditure (DEE) was measured by SWA and MET (Metabolic Equivalent T) was evaluated. From 74 subjects, 35 were measured for 1 hour of Monitored Physical Activity (MPA). Italian cut-off points for body mass index are used to calculate overweight/obesity prevalence.

Results Negative correlation was found between METS/DEE and age, height, weight, BMI. Not was found significant correlation between METS/MPA and age, height, weight and BMI. Positive correlation was found between METS/DEE and METS/MPA (r2 = 0.26, p<0.002). Difference between METS/MPA and METS/DEE was calculated. Positive correlation was found between this difference and METS/MPA (r2 = 0.78, p<0.000) but not with METS/DEE. Difference was found between DEE/METS of normal weight, overweight and obese children (monofactorial ANOVA, p<0.0049). Significant higher DEE/METS values was found in normal weight respect to obese children (Bonferroni test – p <0.008).

Conclusions Our results suggested that SWA is an useful device to measure energy expenditure. DEE suggest that the most part of children (51/74) consume >2.5 METS and also that BMI and weight affect DEE/METS but no MPA/METS. Physical activity appear a useful tool to increase energy expenditure of all children.

Perrotti et al

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