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  1. A Bajraktarevic1,
  2. S Trninic1,
  3. S Penava1,
  4. S Maglajlija1,
  5. L Sporisevic2,
  6. M Mujic3,
  7. Z Begic3,
  8. Z Jatic4,
  9. A DurdjevicDjulepa5
  1. 1Department for Preeschool Children, Public Health Institution of Canton Sarajevo-Health Center Vrazova, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina,
  2. 2First Medical Aid Sarajevo, Pediatrics Department, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina,
  3. 3Pediatrics Clinic, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina,
  4. 4Medical Faculty, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina,
  5. 5General Hospital, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina


Objective The nutritional needs of children with diabetes do not differ from those of healthy children. But specifics of food in Bosnia made differences that are characteristics for this land as others countries in world have ethnics, religious and economics circumstances of each family and food preferences of the child. Food must be taken at regular intervals, and meals cannot be missed or delayed.

Methods Authors made investigations from facts in Pediatrics Clinic, Public Health Institute of Bosnia, Medical Faculty Sarajevo and Publics Health Offices in Canton Sarajevo. It is confirmed 84 children under age 19 year in Sarajevo. More recent dietary management of diabetes in Sarajevo emphasizes a healthy, balanced diet, high in carbohydrates and fiber and low in fat.

Results In 2006 an estimated 0.89 children out of 1000 develop IDDM by age 19 years in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Where prevalence rates are high, a bimodal variation of incidence has been reported that shows a definite peak in early childhood (ie, 3–6 y) and a second, much greater peak of incidence during early puberty (ie, 11–13 y). Dietary management in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an essential component of diabetes care.

Discussion Acute complications reflect the difficulties of maintaining a balance between insulin therapy, dietary intake, and exercise.

Conclusions A child with diabetes needs to be careful about eating carbohydrates, but usual Bosnian meals by a lot of fats and concentrating sugar couldn’t allow the best control.

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