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  1. D V Lozanovic-Miladinovic1
  1. 1Department of Public Health, Institute of Mother and Child Health Care of Serbia “Dr Vukan Cupic”, Belgrade, Serbia


Objective To perceive the indicators for MDGs follow-up perinatal health care in goal 4 (infant mortality reduction) and 5 (maternal health improvement), current and desired condition until 2015, in Serbia.

Methods Analytical-descriptive study of demographic and vital indicators in the period 1991–2006.

Results All mortality rates are continually decreasing: newborns (14.6–7.4/1000 livebirths), perinatal (14.3–9.1/1000 livebirths), neonatal (7.7–5.2/1000 livebirths). The main causes of death are respiratory distress and congenital anomalies. Ratio of children with low birth weight is maintaining (5.4%). Maternal mortality rates vary (1990–1994: 15.5, average 2000–2004: 5.6/100.000 livebirths). Fertility rate decreased 1.72–1.5. Deliveries under medical assistance are constant (99.6%). MDGs up to 2015 in relation to 1991 are: (1) decrease of mortality rate of children ⩽5 for 2/3 (from 16.8 to 5); of newborns from 14.6 to 4.5; perinatal from 14.3 to 6.5, neonatal from 8 to 3; (2) follow-up and preventive of vulnerable groups; (3) increasing covering of pregnant women by primary health care and early breast-feeding (from 15 to 30%).

Activities Prenatal care strategy and plan of action; strengthening of mother and child health care services; education and evidence-based guidelines.

Conclusion Achieving of MDGs in Serbia require perceiving of demographic and epidemiological transition, improvement of information systems, follow-up of risky lifestyle indicators, regional and gender differences. Perinatal and early neonatal mortality are the most sensitive indicators of the health status of population in Serbia.

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