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  1. A Lopez Escobar1,
  2. M Garcia San Miguel2,
  3. C Cantisano Bono1,
  4. M Benedit Gomez1,
  5. V Soler Vigil2,
  6. M A Marin Gabriel1,
  7. P Touza Pol1,
  8. I Llana Martin1,
  9. C Puente Sanchez1,
  10. I Romero Blanco1
  1. 1Department of Pediatrics, Hospital Madrid-Torrelodones, Madrid, Spain
  2. 2Department of Pediatrics, Hospital Madrid-Mouteprincipe, Madrid, Spain


Objective Description of the non-nosocomial sepsis cases during the neonatal period.

Methods Retrospective descriptive bicentric review from January 2004 to December 2007 of the neonates in which non-nosocomial infection was suspected. Related risk factors and clinical and laboratory data were analysed.

Results 227 neonates in which infection was suspected were admitted to the unit during this period. The mean gestational age was 37.4 w, the mean weight was 2297.94 g and the average neonatal age at the diagnosis was 92.5 h of life. In all cases a lumbar puncture was done and a sample for blood culture obtained. 67.4% of the cases were early sepsis. There were no associated risk factors in most of the cases. 77.1% of the neonates had symptoms when diagnosed, of which fever was the most common (37.4%). The mean heart rate was 154.5 pm, initial average white blood cells account was 14233.5/mm3 and the initial mean RCP level was 12.5 mg/L. The blood culture was positive in 14.5% of the cases. The bacterial pathogens encountered were: S agalactiae (33.3%); gram negative bacillus (33.3%). In 5.3% of the newborn, meningitis was diagnosed after abnormal CSF values. In 33% of the cases a pathogen was isolated from the CSF culture (50% enterobacteria). 12.8% of the neonates were diagnosed with urinary tract infection: E coli was isolated in 69% of these cases.

Conclusions In this study non-nosocomial sepsis cases during the neonatal period are reviewed. The results obtained were similar to other published studies.

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