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  1. N Bolfan-Stosic1
  1. 1Department of Logopedics, Laboratory for Voice Pathology, Zagreb, Croatia


The objective of this paper was to find and compare pathological voice characteristics of 56 boys (10 to 12) with sensorial hearing loss, dysartria, Down syndrome and dysphonia.

Acoustical analysis was made by Bruel and Kjaer Frequency Analyser and Spectrogram 2.3. Results of one-way analysis of variance and discriminative analysis showed significant statistical differences between groups for frequency of fundamental (F0), number of columns around F0 as a laryngeal pathology indicator, and noise intensity levels between five harmonics. The voice parameters were measured in digitised live-voice productions of sustained vowel (a) produced by 56 boys. Obtained results showed significant differences in acoustical characteristics of children’s voices and importance of acoustical analyses as a representative method in diagnostics of disordered voices in children with different impairments.

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