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  1. M A MarinGabriel1,
  2. A LopezEscobar1,
  3. C CantisanoBono1,
  4. M C PuenteSánchez1,
  5. M BeneditGómez1,
  6. J BlancoOchoa1,
  7. I LlanaMartin1,
  8. I RomeroBlanco1,
  9. P TouzaPol1,
  10. L Linares1,
  11. M GarciaAlvarez1,
  12. E FernándezVillalba1,
  13. A Siles1
  1. 1Pediatric Department, Hospital Madrid-Torrelodones, Torrelodones, Madrid, Spain


Introduction The aims of this study were:

  • To determine if skin-to-skin contact in the delivery room has any analgesic effect while episiotomy suture is practiced.

  • To evaluate if it modifies placental delivery time.

Methods This study is part of a prospective case-control study. Patients were assigned to either one of these two groups:

  • Immediate skin to skin contact (KC)

  • Traditional care (SC)

This study was approved by the Hospital Ethical Committee. Patients were included in the study once inform consent was accepted. In order to establish the level of analgesia in episiotomy suture time a numeric scale was used (0: minimum pain; 10: maximum pain). Time of placental delivery was considered from the beginning of newborn delivery to the complete placenta expel. No oxytocin was administrated in this period.

Results 231 patients were included in the study (53.7% KC). The mean score on the pain scale was 1.4±2.6 (KC) and 1.3±1.8 (SC); (p = 0.78). Time of placental delivery was 402.1±248.2 s (KC) and 475.2±276.6 s (SC); (p = 0.05).

Discussion Skin-to-skin care in the delivery room has no analgesic effect during the episiotomy suture. No differences in delivery placental time were reported either; however had the sample been larger differences might have been found.

Limitations 99% of the patients received epidural anesthesia; moreover episiotomy length varied between different patients. Pain sensation may be modified by both factors.

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