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  1. N M Kyno1,2,3,
  2. I H Ravn1,3,4,
  3. R Lindemann1,
  4. N A Smeby3,
  5. A M Torgersen2
  1. 1Woman and Child Department, Ulleval University Hospital, Oslo, Norway
  2. 2Institute of Psychology, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
  3. 3Department of Nursing Research, Ulleval University Hospital, Oslo, Norway
  4. 4Institute of Nursing Science, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway


Background A longitudinal follow-up efficiency study at three year of age from a randomized controlled trial.

The MITP is a cost and time effective structured psychoeducative intervention up to 3 months for parents of preterm infants (7 single hours in prior to discharge from NICU and 4 at home). We investigated if the MITP could sensitise the mothers toward the babies’ signals and thereby increase the quality of joint attention and decrease parental stress.

Object The purpose of this study is to investigate the three-year outcome of infants enrolled in our three group RCT, and to investigate if the MITP can reduce the parent’s experience of concern and stress, and improve the children’s development in various aspects at three years of age.

Design The cohort comprises 47 preterm infants in an intervention group, and 48 preterm and 47 full term infants in control groups. Recruitment started January 2008.

Children outcome measures include: motor, cognitive, lingual, social, emotional and conduct development. Parental outcome includes: experience of stress and concern for their child.

Test battery: a) Ages and Stages Questionnaire. b) ASEBA/Child Behaviour Check List 1.5–5. c) Mullen scale of Early Learning, and d) Parental Stress Index.

A semi-structured interview in a focus group comprised of parents of the preterm infants to describe parents’ concern for the children and reflection regarding parcipitation in the intervention.

Results Available in 2010.

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