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  1. N Cinar1,
  2. S Altinkaynak1,
  3. S Kuguoglu2,
  4. S Sahin1
  1. 1Department of Pediatric Nursing, Sakarya University School of Health Sciences, Sakarya, Turkey
  2. 2Department of Pediatric Nursing, Marmara University College of Nursing, Uskudar, Istanbul, Turkey


Objectives Breastfeeding has many advantages for both mothers and infants. The aim of this study was to assess success of first breastfeeding after delivery by using “LATCH Breastfeeding Charting System” and compare with breastfeeding for four months.

Methods This study was approved by the Local Research Ethics Committee of Sakarya University. This study was observational and comparative. The research took place at the Delivery Hospital in Sakarya. The samples were volunteer participant mothers who delivered healthy neonates. 24 cesarean deliveries under general anesthesia and 56 vaginal deliveries were chosen for the study. Data were obtained using the “Introductory Information Form” which was prepared using related literature and the “LATCH Breastfeeding Assessment System”. Every month mothers were called by phone in order to clarify whether they fed their babies with breastfeeding or formula after delivery. SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) was utilized in the analysis of data. Percentage, average, standard deviation and independent samples t test were used for statistical analysis.

Results The average age of the mothers who participated in the research was 26.82±5.54, 81.3% received primary education, 60% were multiparae. It was determined that 71.2% of mothers fed their babies for four months only with breastfeeding. There were no statistical differences between the first breastfeeding LATCH score and only breastfeeding for four months (P = 0.080; P>0.05).

Conclusions Breastfeeding should be continued in the home and mothers should be encouraged on this subject.

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