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  1. Ph Alliet,
  2. B Gers1,
  3. T Mahler2,
  4. G Veereman2,
  5. P Bollen3,
  6. L Dooms4,
  7. A Vanoppen1
  1. 1Department of Paediatrics, Virga Jesseziekenhuis, Hasselt, Belgium,
  2. 2Department of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Paola Kinderziekenhuis, Antwerpen, Belgium,
  3. 3Department of Paediatrics, AZ Vesalius, Tongeren, Belgium,
  4. 4Paediatric Endocrinology, Bree, Belgium


Introduction: Coeliac disease (CD) is a disorder that can influence all aspects of life. Health and disease-related quality of life is now considered an important issue in chronic diseases.

Aim of Study: To evaluate health and disease-related quality of life in children (6–12 years) and adolescents (13–18 years) with CD by specific and validated questionnaires and to relate it to the view of their parents. To check IgA endomysium antibodies in serum.

Results: 48 patients were asked to participate in the study. 37 of them (25 girls) agreed to fill in both questionnaires, which means a response rate of 77 %. 25 of them (18 girls) had an age between 6 and 12 years. Scores on emotional, social, familial and physical wellbeing were in general good. Children with CD, however, obtained higher scores than adolescents. Girls had higher scores than boys. The scores of the parents were in the same range as those of their children. In the disease-related questionnaire, the overall scores were much lower than in the health-related questionnaire. Girls had a better score than boys. Adolescents did communicate better about their disease than children. Parents scored the disease-related quality of life lower than their children, in the younger as well as in the older age group. Endomysium antibodies were negative in 35/37 patients (94.6 %).

Conclusion: Health-related quality of life in coeliac children on a gluten-free diet is good. Disease-related quality of life is, however, lower. Psychological support might be usefully considered.

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