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From birth to five years, 3rd edition
  1. P Clark

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Edited by Mary D Sheridan. . Revised and updated by Ajay Sharma and Helen Cockerill, Published by Routledge, pp 103, £9.99 (paperback).

This was the book that I used every day when undertaking my first community paediatric SHO post. At that time it may have been in its first edition. The third edition is even better than those that came before. I am quite a visual person, and the layout, picturing a range of typical skills presented under one age heading at a time, has always appealed to me. In contrast, in most books, skills are presented over time for one domain. (With this edition, you now get both options.) For anyone whose curriculum dictates that they need to learn what a 6-month-old can usually do, or that they need to be able to play with a 12-month-old and work out whether the child is developmentally on track, this is the book for them. Indeed, I have been recommending this book in its earlier editions to doctors and …

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