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Fabricated or induced illness in a child by a carer
  1. David C Watkins
  1. Department of Paediatrics, Antrim Hospital, Antrim, BT41 2RL, UK;

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Written by Christopher Bools. . Published by Radcliffe Publishing Ltd, Oxford, 2006, pp 144, £17.95 (paperback). ISBN 1-84619-134-3

This book has not been produced in the manner of a conventional stand-alone textbook but rather as a part of a package of training materials under the direction of the UK Department of Education and Skills, the other elements of which include training exercises, PowerPoint presentations and a DVD. It is perhaps unsurprising, therefore, that although providing a sound overview of the topic of fabricated or induced illness (FII), it feels a little bit incomplete on its own.

After a brief overview, in which the changing nomenclature and definitions of the problem are reviewed, we launch straight into an array of brief case studies outlining …

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