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Maguire S, Hunter B, Hunter L, et al. Diagnosing abuse: a systematic review of torn frenum and other intra-oral injuries (Arch Dis Child 2007;92:1113–17).

A number of errors were published in this paper as follows:

In the methods section of the Abstract the second sentence should read: “Nine studies documented abusive torn labial frena in 27 children and 24 were fatally abused...”

The second sentence of the Results section should read: “These represented data on 603 children.” Also in the Results section, under the subheading “Abusive torn labial frenum”, first sentence of the second paragraph should read: “These studies represented data on 27 children, of whom 24 (88%) were fatally abused.”

Under the heading “Abusive intra-oral injuries” on p1114 the third sentence of the first paragraph should read: "They represented data on 580 children (table 5).”

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