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Evidence-based pediatric infectious diseases
  1. Rachel E Isba
  1. University Hospital of South, Manchester, Manchester, UK;

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By David Issacs, Elizabeth Elliot, Ruth Gilbert, Virginia Moyer, Michael Pichichero. Published by Blackwell PublishingOxford 2007 pp 332£59.99 (soft cover). ISBN-13978-1-4051-4858-0

I was so excited about the publication of this book that I had it on order from Amazon 4 months before its release date.

Written by David Isaacs (with editorial input from an impressive range of international experts), this book sets out to bring together the evidence base for the diagnosis, management and treatment of infectious diseases in children. It carries out this task admirably.

In the preface, Isaacs states that “There is a tension between providing useful management recommendations and between providing detailed evidence that allows …

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