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  1. Ashley Reece

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Searching for reliable medical material on the Internet can be hit or miss, unless you know what you are looking for. Information empowers patients and parents and they are keen to bring the results of their Internet-related research into the consulting room. It is rare that they manage to download information from a source you would recommend, or visit the web-site you feel provides credible information. Guiding a patient or parent through this virtual maze of information to provide a reliable resource on all matters of child health is a challenge. Generic searching, for example using Google, has been shown to find a quick, usually authoritative, answer to medical problems.1 Step forward‘yourchildshealth’), an information resource aimed at parents, patients and doctors produced from Wirral Hospital NHS Trust.

Appearance and friendliness

The aim of this site is to provide links to a variety of ‘authorised’ health information. On first impression I found the opening page bland. The eye is drawn to a distracting, bright graphic mid-page, which, while giving the page a young, funky feel, has no forward link. Scrolling down reveals some further links, one of which is to ‘birds, bees and teens’ (, a similar site relevant to older children and teenagers but with a slicker and more user-friendly feel. There are two sections on yourchildshealth, one for General child health links and …

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