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Clinical neurophysiology of infancy, childhood, and adolescence
  1. Andrew L Lux

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This is the first edition of a book that focuses on the various modes of neurophysiological examination in young people. The editors’ stated aim is to provide a text that will “serve as a stand-alone reference source of clinical neurophysiology”. They emphasise that “neurophysiologic studies provide an important extension to the clinical evaluation and are predicated on a careful history and examination”, rather than being tests to interpret in isolation. They asked the contributors “to provide succinct descriptions of clinical disorders where neurophysiologic testing is a useful adjunct”. This pragmatic marriage of technical and clinical considerations shines through much of the text, and I feel that the editors have succeeded in their aims.

The 46 contributors are predominantly from North America, but there are four from Europe and two from Australasia. For the most part, the information is generic and, the chapter on the diagnosis of brain death, for …

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