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R. Duffin, E. Bayliss, M. Everard.Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Sheffield, UK

Introduction: The busy health professional requires quick and easy access to high quality information. Increasingly clinicians are using online resources. But where to start when using the internet? The Child Health Specialist Library is a free, NHS-funded service providing access to evidence based information which will become a core resource supporting the National Care Record Service. It has over 3000 professionally indexed items including national guidelines, evidenced base resources and an increasing number of electronic journals.

Methods: The ease by which key information was accessed using the NLH was compared with a similar search using Google.

Results: A Google search for “Asthma” produced 1.2 million results with “sponsored links” being prominent. Refining the search using the “Health Professionals” option and only pages from the UK generated 1020. The BTS/SIGN guidelines were found on page 2 below BUPA, the BBC, commercial and pharmaceutical sites. One of the two NICE publications relating to inhaler use in children was on page 5 (result No 46) and the other did not make the top 100. There was no reference to Cochrane or other resources. The Child Health Specialist Library displays the SIGN and NICE guidance together with Prodigy on page 1 of Guidelines and has access to 92 evidence-based resources including all relevant Cochrane reviews.

Conclusions: The Child Health NLH appears to be a more effective way to access clinically relevant information and is likely to become increasingly important as it develops and is integrated into the national care records service (


K. Whyte, L. Reynolds.Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow, UK

Aims: To evaluate the satisfaction of parents and professionals in regard to written reports from a Consultant Community Paediatrician, with a view to improving report structure and content as …

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