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Non-accidental head injury in young children, medical, legal and social responses
  1. Calum Macleod

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Edited by Cathy Cobley, Tom Sanders. Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, 2006, £19.99 (paperback), pp 192. ISBN 1-84310-360-5

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Child abuse remains an all too common social evil with devastating consequences for all concerned. This is particularly true of non-accidental head injury (NAHI) which carries a significant mortality and where long-term survivors are frequently handicapped. The child, the family and wider society all pay a price. NAHI presents huge challenges to all professionals – medical, legal, social services and police – and yet our understanding of the causes of head trauma, specifically subdural haematoma (SDH), is far from complete.

This compact, and readable, volume explores the complexities …

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