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Paediatric nephrology
  1. Nadeem Moghal

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Edited by Lesley Rees, Nicholas J A Webb, Paul A Brogan. Published by Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2007, £34.95 (flexicover), pp 641. ISBN -10: 0-1985-6941-6

The first thing I noticed were the colours – a puce pink (said the male brain (n = 8), lilac said the female brain (n = 4)) and a shade of blue I haven’t seen since the original Miami Vice series of the 1980s. Still, I am the last to judge a book by its colour.1 As always, the Oxford Handbook Series has come up with another gem in its pocket series for that relic that is the white coat now displayed next to Kylie Minogue’s white hot-pants at the V&A. I am not sure how many there are, but I suspect the generalist is gradually disappearing under the weight of increasing numbers of speciality handbooks.

The authors have produced an extremely clear, …

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